Day 4 (of the rest of my life) – Just Another Manic Monday


Monday morning alarm rings loudly in your ear…

You hit snooze one too many times…

Running behind with places to be and people that rely on you…

Day is planned but you might as well toss the plan out the window because it’s changed in a matter of minutes…


Sound familiar? Ahhhh yes, it must be Monday!


That was how my day began…and then it tumbled downhill like a beginner skier on the slopes for the first time. A punch in the right cheek, then the left. Oh wait – now the gut!


By 1:15pm, I honestly thought the day could not get any worse. Until I arrived at my oncology appointment. “How many tests do I have to schedule before the end of the year? Five? You are joking!” Goodness…now I felt like the Titanic sinking. My head dropped into my cold and calloused hands. “How did I ever get here?” was my only thought. I didn’t pick cancer, it picked me. Urrrrrr…..


So off the to gas station afterwards with my head on Venus and my body on Mars. Going through the motions, I might as well have been a zombie on The Walking Dead. Reaching to pull the fuel nozzle out of my tank, I accidentally forgot to release the lever that stops the flow and gas spewed everywhere – mostly on me. If you were anywhere near the Sunoco station off Tylersville Road, yes that was me running into the food mart waving my hands like an idiot screaming “Help! I’m going to blow up!”


All I can do is laugh now when I think of Monday…


Oh, but it gets better. I arrive home with a full bladder. One would think a grown woman could make it to her own bathroom from the garage. It’s only 20 yards! But noooooo! Thanks to a wonky leg, my body could not move fast enough and urine began covering my lower half. If only Gia witnessed this!


All I can do is laugh now when I think of Monday…


A kick in the teeth and a slap in the face rounded out the rest of the day. Please put me out of my misery! 


Tuesday arrived with a fresh perspective, the crisp air and sunshine. Scarlet O’Hara’s voice resonated through my brain with her oh-so-famous quote “After all, tomorrow is another day!”


Yes, Tuesday is another day. And a chance to start fresh, renew strength, write another page of my life…which is exactly what happened! 


Picture below – Airing out my gas-urine infused clothing.


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