#OwnYourStrong Boot Camp

Without Challenge There is NO Change.

Four or five days for 6 weeks with one outcome…to get you healthy and fit.

Boost your speed, increase your endurance, blast away body fat and most importantly get healthy.

Physical challenges during the boot camp paired with a Lifestyle Restart Program (optional) will ensure optimal results.

Two days of HIIT Training, one day of Strength Training, one day of Mobility Work (24 sessions total) with an optional 2nd day of Strength Training or bonus class.

Result?? AMAZING!

Our Coaches are committed and driven to see results. If you can dig deep and give us 100% drive, we can give 100% results!

Boot Camp Dates Are Ongoing – Sign Up and Start!

Times – 5:10am, 6:00am, 3:50pm, 6:15pm

     Location – Power 3 Fitness, 7227 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236

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