Day 134 // A Day In the Life – Part 2


A stark contrast to yesterday – up at 4:30 feeling anxious, breakfast and emails, shower then pack for the day. It’s a process but down to a science. You could say I have experience!

With travel time, the 9 hour treatment is more than any work day. Blood extracted, waiting, meds administered, more waiting, cold cap fired up, chemo begins to drip, more waiting, slumber time, and the final wait. Somewhere wedged in between are 8 bathroom trips navigating my drip and cold cap apparatuses. Blessed to have Lynn, my favorite nurse, always a cheerleader. And there’s David – yes he takes his naps – at my every beck and call, entertaining dozens of chemo patients and “Sparking” all the nurses.

Packing up is bittersweet. The love we feel from our cheerleaders is heartfelt, hugs abundant. And as we leave, the inevitable is about to happen. Time to do my part and fight with all I have.

An early dinner from our meal train, the nightly news and more emails. Feet are ready to be kicked up. The night will be long, but I’m ready.

Chemo and her side effects have been knocking at the door. As Gia always says, don’t answer to strangers. Sounds like a plan!