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Dear ME…

April, 2016

MEs! It’s that time again to challenge ourselves.

After decompressing for 10 days and then returning to my routine, I realized even more so how much our minds, hearts and bodies are connected. Finding balance in world that is unbalanced almost seems impossible. But the key really is in what you believe about you. When you are HONEST with yourself about who you are, what you stand for and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses (yes we all have them), that’s when you can embrace positive self-awareness and you can truly begin living the life you were meant to.

Before vacation, I was defining myself by my workouts and what I could accomplish in the gym. But with one giddy look from my daughter on our way to the airport, I realized my value went beyond that. So I opted to not workout at all, still follow an 80/20ish clean eating plan but drink wine and eat ice cream, and spend time focusing on my family, the sea and meeting others. The trip proved to be exactly what I needed. And by letting go of certain things, I had more fun than I would have otherwise. Upon my return, I have engaged a new philosophy with food, have enlisted other influences with my contest training and am seeking out more balance for those that work for me as well as myself.

And what does this have to do with our challenge? Finding the beauty within ourselves in every aspect of our lives can be a life changer. While I would love to say that I see beauty in myself because I can do xxx number of push ups, that doesn’t really define how I feel about ‘me’ when I look in the mirror or when my daughter looks at me.

So for the next two days (Wednesday/Thursday) we will finish the following sentence and post if you feel comfortable…

“I am beautiful because…”

We all have so much to offer so I don’t care if it’s something really small but just find something! And once you have, even if you do not want to share, remind yourself for the next 48 hours of how special you truly are.

Each and every one of you are beautiful in my eyes. Now, let’s see what’s in yours:)

Love, hugs and strength MEs!