Day 13 // Rebooting My Strength


I get it. To all the hundreds of women that have walked through the doors of Bella Forza or any gym/studio with a desire to begin a new fitness adventure – I understand. Feeling as though you are navigating foreign terrain with apprehension and angst. Where to begin?!?!

The last five weeks have been a struggle for me with respect to physical activity and my fitness level. Having lost 5 lbs of muscle post-surgery and watching a plethora of hard work vanish overnight, my lagging fitness has been a source of contention within. Five months of unyielding training – commitment and dedication at the highest level – wiped out within a day. UGH!!! 

So where’s my positivity? Well, today I decided to take the situation on as a possibility instead of a problem. Like most things in life having a different experience is a matter of perspective. For me, I am looking at “rebooting my strength” as an opportunity.

Have you ever reached a point in your fitness or athletic pursuits where something happened to interfere with your progress? Maybe you sustained an injury or sickness that took you out of exercise or practice for a prolonged period. Maybe you had to deal with a family emergency, had a baby, took on a new job, moved to a new city, or any number of endless things that occur in life and challenge what we have become accustom to. Regardless, something stepped in the way and you came to a screeching halt.

And now you want to begin again. 

And it’s hard. Really hard.

As I begin my new journey to “reboot my strength ” I’ve decided my intention is to be generous with myself – to give myself credit where credit is due. Requiring myself to be the focused, goal-oriented, strength-training mad woman is just not an option. And goals? Choosing to abandon the old ones, I instead have new ones – becoming a better mom, wife, business owner, coach, friend and a truly fit and healthy person on all levels. 

And there’s this really neat part (yes I used the word ‘neat’). I’ve spent many years being pretty darn good at whatever I put my mind to. When you first begin a journey, there is so much room for improvement and numerous milestones to celebrate. After a while, your increments of improvement diminish and the celebrations, while wonderful, are fewer and further between.

So this is the gift I’m giving myself while “rebooting my strength”. And it’s not all that troublesome. Because it means I can finally experience big incremental changes and celebrate all sorts of accomplishments. Yeah, I might not be “the Beth I used to be.” But that means more space for growth now. Those steps of celebration? Well, they will be so much sweeter this time around:) 

PS – The TRX Pull-Up is an excellent substitution for a traditional Pull-Up especially if you do not have access to a Pull-Up Bar or are working your way up to an unsupported Pull-Up. Legs can be straight to increase the challenge or bend the knees to assist more with the lower body. One of the best upper body exercises for your back and shoulders!