Day 14 // Do what you LOVE…and LOVE what you do!


Occasionally it’s a conversation; every so often it’s a speech or lecture. And then often it’s a phone call from someone who knows you too well (thank you Calena). Regardless, something is said that brings your thoughts to a halt. Time to reflect.

Fifteen years ago David and I established Underhill Landscaping. While not my passion, I knew how much David loved creating outdoor spaces. Immersing myself in his business enabled me to learn and grow as a small business owner. Never having used a computer other than in college, I quickly became familiar with Quickbooks, Photoshop, Publisher – all self-taught as Google did not exist. But the landscaping business was never my passion and it wasn’t long before I was in need of my own identity.

It only took one infamous Underhill holiday party and soon after I had more catering business than I could handle. My mother and grandmother were phenomenal in the kitchen and I was fortunate to inherit their skills. What was once a passion turned quickly into a thriving, creative business – Piacere Catering which means “to please” in Italian – all done out of our home with three dogs! Up at 2am to cook for parties, placing the finishing touches on desserts at 5pm, it was insanity at it’s finest. For four years, I loved and lived for every moment. And then Gia was born. No longer could I envision working crazy hours on weekends while attempting to be present at my daughter’s activities. Sadly, Piacere closed and so did a piece of my heart.

But wait! I was a golf fanatic, playing 27 holes a day when I did not have any parties to cater. Surely something golf-related could be turned into a business and still be able to raise Gia. Light bulb moment! How about an online boutique for women’s golf apparel and accessories? And Golf-Chic Boutique was born. Again, turning a passion into a business, for the next four years the Internet owned me. Making money overnight was a rush. Who doesn’t like to wake up to $1000 of revenue in six hours? Excelling at customer service, we were making an impact. Unfortunately, one competitor in particular decided Golf-Chic was affecting her business too much. Interfering with my business vendors and relations, a law suit was brought against her. Of course Golf-Chic won, but it was also a sign. Time to move on.

And Bella Forza Fitness emerged!

My passion for helping others is innate. The desire to create a community for women in which they could discover their beautiful strength was always in me – it just took the right moment for it to blossom. For those that know the story, that know the place – you understand the passion. For those reading this that aren’t familiar – let’s just say it’s where so many call home. Home to be free from judgment, free to realize their potential, free to discover their inner beauty. And the place where so many draw strength during adversity.

So what does this mean for you? Seek your passion – whatever it is. Uncover what makes you tick or your heart flutter. Decide today that you will grab hold of it and relish its energy. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “when faced with a difficult period in my life, what am I passionate about that will help get me through?”

For me, the love of cooking, playing golf and strength training have all been passions. When I reflect on these last 15 years, each aspect has provided an outlet during some rocky (and ugly) times.

And of course now? Well, let’s just say that my motto about “get busy living” while crushing cancer has everything to do with the power and passion I feel from my fitness routine. The fire and desire to show others than you can still do what you want in the face of adversity burns stronger than ever!

It’s never too late; you are never too old. Do what you love – and love what you do:)