Day 22 // #‎bfflove


Almost five years ago, the spirit within rattled my inner warrior to do something more with life. A 26-year eating disorder battle was taking its toll and my desire to be a better role model for Gia was weighing heavily on my heart. Seeds of Bella Forza Fitness (which means beautiful strength) had been planted by God – and it was time for me to begin watering them.

February 14th of 2011 was the official date. In retrospect, it is so fitting as we celebrate love on that day – and BFF was born out of such. The vision was vast and the mission, ummm well…let’s just say Tom Cruise had nothing over us as we set out to change lives. With Calena, Helen, and Danelle by my side it was possible to accomplish the impossible.

And now here we are – 4.5 years later – with a vision and mission that continues to redefine women. The goal of building community while providing a safe environment where women could #‎owntheirstrong has been accomplished with continual improvement daily on BFF’s part to ensure ladies have a place to call home.

I was reminded today of a powerful quote that is so fitting…

“Life is not about winning the race. Life is about finishing the race and helping as many people as we can finish it with us.”

Life can be rough, tough and mean. But it also can be amazing, beautiful and wonderful depending on how we treat people and treat ourselves. When you help others get what they want, you will ultimately get what you want. Give to others more than you take.

Community is what we stand for. And today, that same sisterhood, with blood, sweat and tears that we have worked towards, came together in the most awe-inspiring fashion to show their love, support, strength and unity in my “c” battle.

BFF is for Bella Forza Fitness.

BFF is for Bella Forza Fun.

But most importantly, BFF is for Bella Forza Family.

#bfflove, hugs and strength to you all!