Day 69 // A Lesson from Tigger


“We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realize we only have one.” ~Confucius

I clearly recall the moment I first saw Tigger.

One tiny pup in a litter of seven Golden Retrievers – it was love at first sight and I knew she was “the one.” My first dog, my first love. As the years progressed, Tigger became my best friend, confidante, and companion. We were inseparable.

Opening the door when returning from work or errands, Tigger would be there waiting, wagging her tail, with the biggest grin on her face. Patiently waiting for me to finish my work, we would head out for a walk – our usual route without fail. At night Tigger felt her place was in between David and me in bed. My mother always joked that we would never have children because Tigger was our birth control.

Our lives together were filled with fun, frolic, and sharing; and as I grew older, so did she.

As she entered her early senior years, we suspected that “c” may have taken over Tigger’s immune system. But she continued to show grit and grace daily refusing to let it bother her. Instead, Tigger insisted on living each moment to the fullest, residing completely in the here and now…and with me.

Even the day before heaven called her, Tigger enjoyed a run through Ault Park – hunting, sniffing and doing all the usual things a dog would do!

We enjoyed twelve precious years together. Through it all, Tigger was my hero and my champion. She overcame every obstacle thrown her way, and always met challenge with a big smile.

And the lesson I learned courtesy of Tigger?

“Live in the moment and always find something to be happy about.”

Tigger always romped around, as only a Golden Retriever can, looking for food and living for the moment each day. Indeed, dinner was one of her favorite events of the day, and she was always the first at the table with an exalted expression of delight if she discovered a fallen crumb.

When we lost our other Golden – Bogey – we looked to Tigger as inspiration as she brought joy with her companionship.

Tigger appreciated the sheer wonder of living completely in the moment. And it taught me that whatever you’re going through, you can find something that will bring you joy. You just have to be open to the possibilities. Trying new things just may enable you to make the best of your ever-changing reality. And when or if it does change, create some consistency that will bring you comfort.

Tigger, in her inimitable ways, provided a wonderful example of how we all can approach life. We just have to realize it:)