Day 70 // My Diet Dichotomy


Confused about diets? Me too! And now more than ever.

Flustered and frustrated with radiation treatments, today added an exclamation point to my irritation. On my way out of the stark, cold aerospace-like room, the nurse stopped me.

“Mrs. Underhill!” she exclaimed. “Here is a list of foods for you to eat and avoid during radiation.”

“Thank you!” I replied and darted out the door quickly hopping into my car.

You see… I’m not fond of the radiation appointments. In fact, I’m downright annoyed by them. Driving to the hospital daily, appointments running behind, 30 to 40 minutes underneath a spaceship, zapped by laser as I lay still, driving home.

And now the diet.

All garbage! Are you kidding me? As I glanced through the handout, the list of foods to eat was endless. If you can believe it, the list contained items that we are told not to eat because they cause “c” – high in carbs, unhealthy fats and sugars. Ugh! Just the opposite of my chemo diet – clean!

As I studied the list, there were maybe 5 foods I could survive off of. But all my favorites, with the exception of peanut butter, need to be eliminated. More challenges…more changes.

Now, some patients might actually relish these options. However, I have goals to still compete early next year – and do so bald. So this “diet” does not align with my intentions. Sigh.

Do I take my chances? Eat clean and hope for the best? Yes! I will stay true to the lifestyle choices that have carried me through this journey both physically and emotionally.

And while the bag of Doritos, that we stopped at the Sugar Capital of the world (UDF) to snap a picture of, I will leave to be purchased by others, my organic green apple will always be a much better choice;)