Day 89 // Failure Is Really Success (if we learn from it)


Saturday’s post included our front flip “fun.” Today, however, I thought I would share the “fail.” Here goes.

After an eventful week, yesterday afternoon was welcomed with open arms and the opportunity to “chillax” as Gia would say. I had promised, however, to jump on the trampoline with her – Gia is not one to let you break promises.

I smiled watching back tucks, aerials, layouts, front tucks, twists and more explode from Gia’s body. Of course tuck jumps and toe touches were all I could muster. After ten minutes or so, she prodded me to attempt a front tuck. “Piece of cake!” I nodded in confidence. Yet my insides were terrified – I’m 46 and do not belong on a trampoline flipping upside down!

We began with forward rolls – each one pulling my body further in the air as I tossed it forward. Feeling assertive with each roll/flip, I began to push myself. Higher and higher with each attempt…legs flailing…landing on my booty…never on my feet.

“Mom! You need to tuck your knees in more.” Gia continually shouted. “And jump forward before you tuck, not up!” roared my little drill sergeant.

And then came her idea.

“On your next attempt, when I yell ‘tuck,’ pull your knees in and hold on to them.” Gia directed.

With a hesitant ‘sigh,’ I began to jump, and jump, and jump and count 1…2…3…

“Tuck!” Gia screamed.

And an epic fail occurred – as evidenced by the video!

But we laughed for at least fifteen minutes, rolling around on the trampoline, watching the video over and over until we were exhausted.

And in that span of time, a few valuable lessons on failure were gained.

1. Failure is part of life, and it’s OK. Don’t be afraid to get lost once in a while; sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. 

2. And along the way, be sure to laugh at yourself – it’s the best and cheapest therapy and the journey will be far more enjoyable.

3. Never shout “tuck” in mid-air when I’m attempting a front flip! Clearly I don’t understand what that means!

Love, strength and hugs to you all!