Day 42 // Friendships


Life is about love, family and friends. And the best type of friends you can have begin as your friends and somewhere along the way lose that title for they become family. Cherish the good times with great friends and never take the bond or relationship for granted. Let the people who shine in your life know it – your lives will both be blessed in return.

My dear friend Calena – who is like a sister, daughter and sometimes mother (ha!) – wrote/sent this to me only minutes ago and trumped what I previously was going to write about. She had thought about waiting to send it in the morning but thought I could use this to “calm my nerves” on the eve of my next treatment.

My Wonder Woman

Face to face with adversity, this woman truly amazes me!

When recently faced with cancer, she looked to God for the answer.

He gently whispered quietly, be an inspiration for ALL to see.

With The Lord by her side, she’s taking cancer for a ride.

When things seem to go wrong, she stands up and owns her strong!

Wonder Woman she’s always been, best friends until the very end.

Thank you for your strength and positivity, 

Beth Januzzi Underhill you mean so much to me!

Crush Chemo! Love you!

And thank you Calena for just being you! XOXOXO!

PS – Yes, this picture is old but one of my favs!