Day 92 // I Love My “Baldness”


Let me just get this out…”I love being bald!”

Today was the first time in a month that I did not wear a wig or bandana – for no particular reason.

Working out of my home, I enjoyed a few extra hours of sleep this morning. The sun was shining and I had decided that me and my bald head needed a little vitamin D. Of course the question crossed my mind – “why have I not flaunted my baldness more often?” Part of the reason has been Gia. But what was the other part?

As I thought further, the benefits of being bald far outweigh having hair any day of the week. And when this journey is finally over (at least from a side effect standpoint), I’m not sure how I will feel about growing my hair back!

So I’ve compiled a list of the positives of baldness over hair.

1. We all came into this world either partially or completely bald. Why not live this way as well? 

2. Nominal shampoo, no hair products or hairspray, no flat irons, curling irons, hair extensions or any of the crazy things that come with styling your hair. Wow…our bathroom just gained a ton of space!

3. You NEVER have a bad hair day:) Enough said!

4. Your checking account has just increased by at least $100 each month as visits to the salon are no longer necessary. 

5. A serious amount of time has been added to your day not having to style it. Or if you have a bad hair day, how often are you in front of a mirror attempting to fix it? Think of that precious time spent on hair as opposed to things that really count! Time is of the essence for me now. Every single moment is priceless. And I would rather have time spent with loved ones and making differences, now and in the future, versus wasting time on my hair. But that’s just me.

6. Last but not least…YOU will look amazing in all your bald glory! Not only can you see your face, but your true self shines. Why not show the world who you really are? There’s no need to hide!

So I challenge you – yes everyone that reads this – why not go bald for a period of time! Test yourself…it’s only your hair you will lose. But think of everything you will gain…confidence, strength, peace and the sense of who you truly are. Isn’t that worth it?