Day 35 // “Re” Commitment


Yes, you heard it from me – I am “re” committing to you and me.

“To what?” you might ask.

Simple…to the people and the things that bring me joy.

This past weekend allowed for time to reflect on who I am through this mess. Am I able to resume aspects of my life completely? If so, is there anything I would discard? Parts of it have been temporarily put on hold. “But why?” I keep asking. Father Time does not stop and therefore neither should I! Currently capable of accomplishing 90-100% of what I previously had done in a day’s time (and maybe more thanks to lack of sleep!), there is no solid reason to not “re” commit.

Feeling energized, the signs encircled me today. Several strength sessions instructed witnessed women at various points in their life owning their strong – that’s just what we do at BFF. Conversations with friends – they provided reassurance and I returned hope and compassion. Blood tests with positive results and a gain in weight – yay! My research and scientific experiments with food and supplements are working:) Challenged myself with weights not lifted in two months – ready to break a few PRs. Team Underhill displaying unity and strength – prepared for whatever test is laid before us.

“C” can go fly a kite, jump in a lake, do anything except hassle me. The desire to defeat it is stronger than ever and the army of soldiers backing me in this fight is too vast and powerful. They, as well as myself, deserve what I am able to give.

And that’s my “re” commitment!