Day 100 // A Shift Is Coming


The day began like most others…alarm ringing in my ear at 3:45 AM. Hitting the snooze button twice, I finally remembered I needed to be at the studio much earlier than normal. A quick stretch and the shower was calling my name. For whatever reason, I felt amazing! But I’m not sure how with three bathroom trips in the middle of the night. Maybe it was the peace of mind lingering in my head knowing what today would bring.

Enjoying the early hours of the day training dedicated ladies at 5 AM and then again at 7:15 AM, I’ve drawn from their strength – if only the members knew how much they have given to me.

A call from Calena with her customary pre-treatment countdown pep talk, emails, Quickbooks and FB posts filled the rest of the morning until it was time to leave for my radiation treatment. Saying goodbye to Amy as I have done for the last six weeks with my oh-so-funny joke “I’m off to get radiated!”, we both laughed. And thank goodness for her warm smile as I headed out the door – it always set the tone for what I was about to embark on.

My usual phone call to David on the way was without fail. And as always we discussed the challenges we continue to face – business, Gia, life, you name it.

Arriving at the Barrett Center. I tossed the parking pass on the dashboard, flung my purse on my shoulder and marched in with determination – this was it.

Greeted by Cynthia, the lovely receptionist, her eyes lit up as she asked how “Miss Beth” was doing.

“Awesome” I exclaimed!

Within ten minutes, Tyler retrieved me from the waiting room – he was my favorite technician. As we walked to the “radiation room”, we discussed what today meant. Emotions were mixed as I had developed relationships with the staff – they were happy to see me go yet I was sad to leave them. Crazy, right? But one thing is for certain – going back is not an option.

I laid on the table…legs positioned in the mold…my X’s lined up…machine rotated once…then twice…and a final time.

“Congratulations!” Tyler shouted.

And with a smirk, I replied, “Shouldn’t I get a certificate or diploma of some sort?”

“Actually, we have one right here for you, ” replied Tyler as he pulled it from his clipboard.

There it was, an actual certificate of completion with signatures from all the technicians who aided in the twenty-five sessions. It took every muscle in my body to hold back the tears that wanted to explode from my eyes. Asked to fill out a survey, I did so quickly and then darted out into the sun-filled day.

The radiant sun welcomed me with a smile. Oh did it feel good! A jump in the air with a fist pump – I was on top of the world. But that would only last for a moment as when I hopped into my car, the floodgate of tears finally opened and Niagara Falls was now located in the parking lot of the Barrett Center.

For fifteen minutes, every emotion that one could feel flowed through my body – completely unexplainable. The daily grind with the radiation, wearing blinders just to make it through, feeling as if your life is on hold just to beat this battle.

But no more – the blinders ripped off. Freedom awaiting!

A shift, my shift, is finally coming.