Day 152 // Traditions


Traditions were abundant around the holidays growing up. Oh, do I so miss them.

Homemade Italian wedding soup, at least 12 different kinds of cookies, homemade ravioli, a tree in almost every room, lights on the evergreens so perfectly placed, holiday spirit oozing from every nook.

And now, just two trees, wreaths with spotlights, no soup or ravioli (yet), 3 kinds of cookies, holiday spirit oozing from every nook.

We vowed as a family to make this year’s holiday special as one never knows what the future holds. And today, Gia and I delighted in traditions by making some of my favorite holiday cookies. It was as if I was watching myself – a quiet joy.

Children remind us what it’s like to be happy with the simple things. And thank goodness I have Gia to do just that. I can only hope she will be equally blessed with the very same reminder some day.