Day 10 // White Blood Counts vs. Wonder Woman


The battle has begun and immunity is at stake. The enemy? The toxic drugs attempting to derail my white blood counts. Keeping them in a normal range will armour my body from anemia, possible infection and disease that could complicate the already strained situation. Enter Wonder Woman.

As a bold hero, Wonder Woman demonstrates zero hesitation in doing whatever is necessary to save others or lend a hand. She’s committed to her inner warrior, fighting each day the negativity that attacks from all directions. As an icon, she speaks for all women. Her cultural impact has increased over the years, serving as a continuing symbol of female empowerment.

Wonder Woman emerged this week in many forms. On Tuesday she arrived as matching Under Armour T-Shirts to be worn by Gia and I at my second chemo session. Wednesday revealed her as blanket designed to keep me warm during those same sessions. And Thursday she appeared at BFF on the Bella Wisdom Board showing her true colors. Was is coincidence? Or is Wonder Woman just manifesting herself, revealing the true grit and grace for which she stands?

At 11:20 AM this morning she shrouded my body with her presence, protecting it from the dark side. All counts were in order; my body was at peace. The attempt by toxicity to derail it was foiled. And victory was mine!

Smiling at my nurse when she delivered the news, I thought immediately of a blog I had written four months ago in the midst of honing in on the diagnosis – “Becoming Wonder Woman – One Pull-Up At a Time.” No longer was it about the power of pull-ups or personal bests. Now…today…and forever…it has changed. I will work just as hard to become Wonder Woman once again. But this time? Well, it’s one chemo session at a time instead.


Chemo Session 1 – 0

Beth – 1