Day 24 // Transparent as Scotch Tape (Part 1)


Like a looking glass into our soul, being transparent and showing your inner light to others is not something easily done. As a way to keep our true self from being seen, we often hide behind a mask diminishing the fullness that life has to offer.

Hiding one’s self from others for fear of rejection, shame, lack of self-confidence, deep scars and smoldering wounds, a broken heart or because there is an unfilled void is obviously not the path towards greater happiness. When there are no secrets, deep voids or fear, then power that was coming from others comes from within. It takes courage and confidence to release the darkness that prevents transparency. But once it is liberated, the internal power is continuous…it is free…it is bright…and it is quality.

Transparency means radical authenticity, free from motives and ego defenses – it’s the ultimate challenge. Transparency is sliding aside the curtains of the soul revealing one’s character. And like an onion with numerous layers, years of scars and fears may stand in the way neither letting in light nor letting light out.

The character and integrity of a person are revealed through transparency. When our self-esteem is threatened, anxiety abounds and our character transforms due to the internal negative self-talk taking place. Transparency removes the need to hide from the issues which generate anxiety resulting in self-talk that is positive. The idea that “the truth will set you free” is an outcome of transparency.

Living a transparent life is a choice that must be made. And that’s exactly the decision I had to make after 26 years of darkness.