Day 48 // Stranger


I met someone today…

Someone I’ve known forever, yet a dark stranger

She was a beautiful girl, yet wrapped herself 

in a blanket of insecurity.

She was a determined girl, yet dependent on 

everyone but herself.

She was an affectionate girl, yet gave love to all but

those who were deserving.

She was an eloquent girl, yet she impressed

for all the wrong reasons.

Standing in the mirror today…I stared at her…she stared at me

And all that came to mind was how very little I envied her.

Self-conscious, scared and naive was she.

A tear rolled down my rosy cheek as I gazed at this visitor… 

My heart decidedly nodded we will NEVER meet again.

In the darkest of times, your past can’t help but to emerge and attempt to weaken your pillars of strength. It is in those times that you must remember stars cannot shine without darkness.