Day 107 // My Body Is An Instrument Not An Ornament


Reflecting on my day, my body granted me an enormous amount of strength as it continues to recover from the radiation treatments. At a time when internal acceptance of the physical damage could be non-existent, I find myself embracing ME more and more each day.

Self-acceptance has always been a challenge, but I refuse to be in an adversarial relationship with myself at a time when every inch of me – internally and externally – needs to join forces and conquer the “C”!

Having said that, on my way home from the studio I listened to an inspirational discussion on K-Love regarding how we (ladies – listen up!) should be viewing our body as opposed to how we often do. I’ve said numerous times that my body is my temple and it ought to be treated with the utmost respect. Of course it took me many years to embrace that thought.

And so I wanted to share a snippet from the blog that prompted the radio discussion.

My body is not an object on display for pleasure or judgement. 

It is a vehicle, equipped with legs that allow me to visit my favorite places; with arms that allow me to embrace the people I love.

My body is not a form of payment.

It is a living, breathing entity, constantly thinking and processing, continuously learning and growing; it is boundless.

My body belongs to no one; it is not a piece of property.

It is my home; the barer of my soul and the carrier of my spirit.

My body does not reflect my self-worth.

I am not defined by my weight, but by the weight of my words.

I am not defined by the size of my stomach, but by the size of my heart.

I am defined by who I am inside.

My worth as a person is constant and abiding.

I exist, and therefore, I matter.

Alanis Morissette said it best – “I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament.”