Day 51 // Water (or Wine?)


Water, water, water…drink more water! I’ve finished drinking the Atlantic Ocean and now I’m working my way through consuming the Pacific. HELP!

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important when undergoing chemotherapy. Staying hydrated can help minimize the fatigue and other side effects caused by chemo. It also protects your kidneys and liver from the toxic waste buildup related to the drugs.

OK – I’m cool with the medical reasons as to why I should consume water. But…

Every time I turn around someone in a white coat is admonishing me to drink more! Well, thank goodness I happen to like water. It’s almost as if I will be tossed in jail if I don’t consume enough. However, the doctors and nurses repeating this to you have no clue how bad water tastes after treatment. Instead of ice cubes, imagine placing 100 pennies in your water glass. Ummm…GROSS! Yes I just used that word:)

But wait, that’s not the best part…

10:30 PM, 12:30 AM, 2:30 AM, 4:30 AM – that’s my “discharge cycle” every night. What – are you kidding me? If only…sigh.

Up every two hours stumbling my way into the bathroom, I no longer slumber long enough to even have one dream. Do I feel bad for mothers with newborns awake in the wee hours? Not at this point in my life!

But water does a body good, right? Or so “they” say. Well, I want to meet “they” and shake their hand. Not!

In all seriousness, I have been a water addict for 12 years. Early on in my pregnancy, every liquid previously consumed was kicked to the curb in exchange for water. It has since served me well and this body thanks water every day.

With chemo, my water intake has nearly doubled. I “tolerate” the discharge cycle knowing that my system is as clean from the toxicity as possible. But a sound night’s rest is welcome some evenings. Naps, of course, are now part of my regimen – the best 30 minutes of the day! And when I am far enough past a treatment, wine is welcomed with open arms relaxing my soul and allowing for at least an extra hour before the discharge cycle begins.

If only wine was the liquid of choice to hydrate after chemo. Treatment would be so much more tolerable!