Day 43 // Chair #6


It’s my chair, the one that brings me peace while watching lethal drugs drip-drop into my temple. Some may view it as an executioner’s chair (yes that is raw). But for me it’s been like that old chair your parents or grandparents have in the corner of their family room – broken in, faded, yet their favorite. And it’s where I’ve managed to find comfort in a challenging time.

Claiming Chair #6 at my first chemo session, it was staring at me, drawing my body towards it from the moment I walked in the Infusion Treatment Room (technical name). Not the most comfortable place, that’s for certain. Everyone there for the same reason – the hope of kicking cancer in the teeth. Some of us have a chance while others.

Bob has been there long before I began my treatments. He had his last blood draw today as he is finished for now. Smiling, Bob was proud to let us know he gained 30 pounds over the last month. I recall seeing him the first session – frail and forlorn – and my heart immediately broke. What a blessing it was to see him energized with life once again.

Carol walked in with a new hairstyle! Unfortunately, one of the nurses had an “oops!” moment when she complimented Carol about her new “wig” instead of using the word “hair.” Awkward! You learn the lingo after a while.

Joe, just released from Hospice as he has made some positive progress, was back for more treatment. But Lynn, my nurse, whispered to me as she was piercing my skin for an IV that Joe’s progress would not last long. Heartfelt and honest, Lynn went on to say that the nurses have one of toughest jobs being a cheerleader to all no matter where we are on our journeys. But then she smiled and expressed that patients like me keep them going as they know some of us have a chance. Prayers for Joe.

Suzy and Connie were rocking their bald heads. Strength was exuding from them both. Not a care in the world about the lack of hair. You begin to feel less alone knowing and seeing others navigate through the same rocky waters. My heroes for certain!

And then Betty…chuckling as she overheard a discussion about consistency in life and in which I referenced that antibiotics cannot clear up a yeast infection if you only take one! Betty is 78 and she about fell out of her chair with that:)

Lynn, Angela, Stacey and Sandy…all the nurses love to discuss food – why is that? Questions about what I eat are abundant. And of course each time the peanut butter makes an appearance, well, you know where that discussion leads!

I’ll miss Chair #6 as my treatment plans have changed for the next 10 weeks. My hope is that someone is able to find comfort and camaraderie in it just as I have.

And upon my return, the faces will have changed, and the journey…well…the journey is what it is.

But Wonder Woman will always show up!

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