Day 44 // Team Spirit


To become a part of a “team” is a privilege. Few people ever get the opportunity to experience the support of teammates and friends. A team lifts and elevates an individual to heights in life never before achieved or thought possible. As there is no “I” in the word “team” there is also no room for the concept of “I” in a team environment. So when you refer to a team it is “we” and “us” and “together.”

And on my third chemo treatment, Team BFF did just that – unified for the purpose of strength once again. But this time with pink wigs.

The idea formulated in the mind of one creative soul – Laura. A member for over four years, her love and encouragement for all things BFF has been never ending.

Leading the charge, she gathered 30+ ladies – all willingly wearing their support in the form of pink wigs during BFF’s fitness classes. Some made it through with wigs intact while others learned quickly what I have known for at least a month – wigs are not comfortable!

Pictures flooded Facebook. A day that could have been drab was quickly perked up with pink. And how fitting as the studio’s pink walls have given back to so many – changing lives, providing comfort, harboring safety.

While there may have been a glitch or two in pulling this masterpiece off, at the end of the day that mattered least. And what mattered most? Our ladies – Team BFF. It has always been about them and nothing more – enriching their lives through passions such as pole, physically changing their make up through fitness classes, building friendships with others that would never have happened otherwise.

Because of all this we have grown into a community. And being part of one means being a part of something greater than you or I. It’s about sharing, growing and opening up to who you are and what you believe in; it’s about connecting and even healing.

The pink wigs did their job – healed me. Taking my mind to places of peace, hope and serenity. Thank you Pink Wig Ladies – we just might need some jackets like the Pink Ladies in Grease.

In honor of your Pink Wig Team Spirit, I adorned my head with one today along with a pink Wonder Woman t-shirt and snapped a few pictures. I am beyond blessed and humbled by your love and support.

Laura, Ashley, Calena, Danielle, Becca, Kelly, Julia, Amy, Tracy, V, Jenn, Leslie, Mary, Tomi, Eileen, Beverly, Lori, Meredith, Lauren, Keri, Janette