Day 118 // Serenity on a Lazy Day


Just one of those days…nothing much to do.

Let pending jobs take a back seat and be a little lazy too.

Time wafts slowly like a fragrance carried by a gentle breeze, 

Let nothingness rest your busy mind, let bygone memories please.

Rewind through the years that have been, say a grateful little prayer. 

Jot down your numerous blessings, uncover them layer by layer.

So much you have to be thankful for…list them verily in your mind. 

Take the time to be grateful, realizing life has been so kind.

A smile teases your lips as you recount the ample grace. 

Life could have been much worse, this truth you have to face.

And on such a day, when time halts to a stop. 

Certain memories pleasure your mind and certain ones do not.

When you weigh them against one another, a startling truth you will find. 

You’ve always been given so much…rarely has life been unkind.

And even those unhappy moments, made you stronger and taught you much. 

Strength of character and wisdom…all wrapped in a healing touch.

So take a pause to remember and let your life sail slowly by. 

Feel a smile lift your lips and your breath escape in happy sigh.

God’s blessings are so many in just living, we often forget to see. 

Take the time to recount each one and be blessed with serenity.