Day 27 – “Cancer” doesn’t start with the last letter in the alphabet.


Lying back in my chair, IV drips in my ear

Silent and ghostly, wrapped in white clouds of fear. 

The nurse is flashing an animated smile

But my demeanor is somber, as if I were on trial.


She appears as an angel of death in her gown 

But my fear is the ‘red devil’ and in chemo will drown. 

Surgery, drugs, radiation and tamoxifen, 

Desperately wanting to ask, “What is my sin?”


Outside it’s clear blue, the sun brightly shines 

Inside more ominous, as my broken heart whines.

The leafy trees are dancing in the gentle summer breeze, 

And all I can whisper is “Help me! Oh God…please!”


Clusters of hair continue to fall on my hands, 

Deep in the gorge my confidence lands. 

My life, my body, my exuberant banter, 

Robbed by this invisible thief called cancer.


Debilitating, decimating, injecting exhaustion, 

It’s lethal effect has this treatment potion. 

And as I wonder what is this thing called cancer, 

Of course it’s too cowardly to give me an answer.


Resisting it’s ugliness, it won’t give me scars, 

as I believe only when its dark, can you see the stars. 

No – not me – I am not afraid of the dreaded “c” 

Standing tall and erect like a solid oak tree.


Resolved and tenacious, I continue my fighting, 

As every cell in my body is furiously rioting. 

Death does not stare me in the face, but in vain, 

Persevering to live, as each day I gain.


My vision is clear, looking further ahead, 

Not the type to give up and surrender to bed. 

I will defeat cancer and know that anyone can, 

Even “cancer” itself contains the word “CAN”.