Day 53 // Wigging Out


Losing my hair could have been extremely distressing. But enter my alter ego and the wigs that accompany them and my outlook changed. Despite the wig-induced headaches, itchiness and “hot head” one can experience, there are some serious perks to wearing supplementary hair! And sometimes all you need is 13 reminders that you’re in a special “clan” with some awesome benefits not everyone has an opportunity to experience.

So without further ado, here are my lucky 13 list of perks.

1. Being able to go blonde (or pink!) without worrying about bleaching, damaging your hair or commitment to any one color. You just pick out the perfect blonde wig and ta-da!

2. Grey hair? What’s that? No more Root Tip or looking 10 years older than you really are:)

3. Being able to switch from long hair to short hair in an instant, no commitment for one particular look, without worrying about how long it will take to grow back!

4. Knowing that your hair looks thick and awesome ALL the time. Oh…did I mention no frizz when it is 90* and humid?

5. What’s hair styling again? You can just plop the wig on and go. A serious time saver! And no longer do you have to hear hubby ask “how much longer?” when getting ready!

6. Money, money, money! Think of all the money saved from trips to the salon and hair products. Cha-ching!

7. You will never have a bad hair day. Wearing a wig/topper enables you to have nicer hair than you’ve EVER had in your entire life!

8. Remember those days when you had to shower in the morning because if you slept on your hair, it would look horrible and be impossible to style in the morning? Say hello to showering at night and sleeping in!

9. You only have to wash and style your “hair” every couple of weeks. Another time and money saver!

10. Defying your hair’s natural texture. Naturally curly but always wanted straight hair? It can be yours with no heat damage or blow outs. Likewise, trying styles on your wig and topper that never would have worked with your biological hair (braids, pony’s, updos, half-up-dos…)

11. You can go somewhere incognito. Don’t feel like talking to anyone when you go out to walk the dog? Put on some sunglasses and your long dark brown wig. If the neighbors know you as a blondie then you’re safe!

12. My journey and the fact that I wear “helper” hair means I have been through a struggle and conquered it!

13. Having gone through this struggle means I can help other women and share my experiences.