Day 28 // I Needed a “Hero”



And Becky was it!

Shortly after the hysterectomy, my mind raced with thoughts of how my “normal” baseline might change. Longing to return to the things I loved, time of course would be necessary along with modifications. Sigh.

As days passed, I was convinced based on progress that within weeks my physical activity level would return to its previous level. Whoa…not so fast! Chemo was around the corner, lurking, ready to pounce with an onslaught of new physical adventures. My body might never be the same. Thanks Doc for the reminder!

So…now what? I needed something or someone to nudge me, push me, drive me. Could a drug be that powerful? Is it capable of incapacitating someone that much? As the questions swirled in my head, my fingers began to peruse the internet. Someone must have a story that resonates – someone I can aspire to – someone that can be my hero. And Becky appeared.

In 2014, Becky was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed chemotherapy. She was, however, an aerobics and Zumba instructor determined to exercise all her strength to continue teaching not only for herself but for her students. Sound familiar? Yep – that’s me! Energized by her story, my heart leaped as the word “Yes!” sprung from my mouth with a fist pump for exclaimation.

Becky inspired me to become more than this disease. With her display of integrity and grace, she gave her life to something larger than herself – others! And the return was priceless.

“Keep doing whatever it is in your life that gives you joy or makes you feel better about yourself. Don’t give up.” Those were her words. Exactly what I needed to hear…Becky…a hero…my hero! And with that, well, you know the rest!

Here is Becky’s story. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me:)