Day 67 // A Cheerleader at Heart


Sitting on the sideline I could not be more in awe. Fierce was the competition but our team held their own as bragging rights were on the line.

Game 1 – W
Game 2 – W (a heart stopper)
Game 3 – L

Two out of three – woo hoo! First place in the division. Confidence gained, lessons learned, camaraderie solidified.

And for Gia? Digging, setting, serving eight points in a row – team leader emerging. And then there’s her biggest fan…

Exiting the gymnasium, high fives and congrats filled the air. And while the opposing team graciously accepted the loss, their moms had a message for me.

“We think you are the most spirited mom we have ever seen. Your team must love the energy you bring. We could not help but watch and smile.”

After thanking them, I turned to Gia. The smile on her face spoke volumes – both our hearts filled with something unexplainable.

And a proud cheerleader of my daughter, my husband and my life I will always be!

Go Team Underhill:)