Day 71 // In the Midst of a Storm Appears a Rainbow


Since beginning radiation I have felt a bit more challenged. But today provided rays of sunshine amidst the stormy clouds in the form of an email from an attendee at my Vantiv presentation last week. You are never sure if you reach, inspire or connect with people in these situations. And to receive this late today, needless to say, not only made my heart smile but assured me that a connection did in fact happen.

“Good Afternoon Beth!

I know you don’t know me but I was one of the participants of your fitness (yes, you can work out at work) presentation that you held on Weds, 9/16 for Vantiv (Women’s networking).

I was in the 2nd session you did and wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciated your time and presentation!

I was extremely inspired by your story and could not believe your age because you look 10 years younger than that! To look at you on the outside one would have absolutely no idea of the battle you’ve been facing because you look so incredibly healthy and fit! I wish I lived closer to Cincinnati because I’d sign up for classes with you (I’m between the Akron-Cleveland, OH area).

Your enthusiasm and passion truly showed through in your presentation and I was in absolute awe of your power and grace – perfectly balanced. I know that you said the very next day (Thursday) you were to begin radiation treatments. It is my hope that you are able to complete this part of your journey with minimal complications as well. You don’t need a wig either girl – just rock different colored bandanas and be done with it.

Your daughter needs you and you know that so keep up the good fight – no matter what you ever hear from a doctor – because our minds and bodies have a way of helping to heal even when the odds are stacked against us. I hope that when you are feeling better (in case the radiation slows you down a bit) that you are able to get back to the lifting that you love so much!

If you get around to reading this email know that you did get through to some folks, know that you did impact people’s lives in one way or another! Stay strong and beautiful.

If you have the list of suggested office moves that you shared with us I’d love to have to post on my wall. I don’t need the whole presentation or examples of how to do it – just the listing – and that’s whenever you are back to work and feeling up to it. NO rush.

Thank you again for your time and inspiring all who attended!”