Day 83 // No Challenge? No Change!


Yes, we’ve heard this many times before. If you want change, you have to challenge yourself. But sometimes the challenge is placed before you without asking for it and you are forced to change.

Either way, work is required. With effort and time you will see results. And that’s just what happened to Julie.

Approximately 9 months ago, Julie embarked on a challenge to transform herself. Taking part in a studio-wide challenge at Bella Forza Fitness in January was her first step. After the challenge ended, Julie decided she was not finished and partook in a training program I developed for 12 weeks called ME vs ME – strengthening of the body, mind and heart. Diligently she showed up every week, 5:15am on Mondays and Wednesdays and 7am on Saturdays, pushing herself beyond expectation. I relished watching her become stronger and more confident as the weeks passed. The pounds were shedding – Julie was reshaping herself in more ways than just physcially.

But the real work was put in outside of the studio with tests such as school, work and a kitchen rehab. I admired her knowing how much she was taking on yet still placing her well-being as a priority. Again, pushing herself beyond expectation.

The 12 weeks were over at the end of May and another session of ME vs ME was slated to begin early June. My diagnosis prevented me from carrying out the program in its entirety yet Julie pressed forward. And through the summer, staying true to herself, she continued on the transformation path – with effort, patience and perserverance.

And 4 weeks ago, a new set of ladies came together for our second official ME vs ME program – Julie of course was one of them. More powerful than ever, she now is able to challenge herself at a level so very different than 6 or 9 months ago. Out of curiosity, Julie finally decided last week it was time to weigh and measure herself. The smile on her face spoke volumes as the scale reported a 41 lb. loss and the tape measure cinched a total of 16 inches. WOW! Phenomenal results and well-deserved.

To me, Julie exemplifies the phrase “you can’t spell challenge without change”. She’s allowed time to let the change happen while remaining true to herself with the energy put forth. And patience? Well, we certainly know that it is the key that solves all things.

I am proud to be part of her journey as Julie has taught me that the two most powerful warriors are patience and time. And they both demonstrate a form of wisdom – that we must understand and accept that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.

Congrats Julie!