Day 102 // Surround Yourself with Champions


The mindset about surrounding yourself with people that are positive, share the same goals and lift you up could not be more true. Those that tear you down or exude negativity should not occupy the precious time we are so graciously given in this life.

Early today I had the luxury of being with women that have a champion mindset. Their strong desire to want more for themselves and the people they care for is evident by their commitment to their health and wellness. Dedicated souls to the persons they are inside and out – pushing forward to improve, challenging their limits.

And this evening was spent with young girls wanting so much of the same. Confidence and strength pouring out of their hearts while championing their way to an undefeated volleyball season.

This, my friends, is what being a champion is all about – having the mindset that you are worth it, that you deserve to be treated well, that you are beautiful, that you have the capacity to do more.

And, of course, always believing that strong is the only option.

Join me in November as I resume chemo treatments for a Champion Mindset campaign. Let’s finish this off together, jumping all in to #‎OwnYourStrong!