Day 113 // Saving Dignity


I love my “baldness”! Somedays I have felt like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music singing aloud on the top of a mountain – “My bald head is alive with the drip of taxol!”

But that’s the case for everyone that enters into chemotherapy treatment. And here is why.

We feel out of control having been diagnosed with a disease that once it has metastasized our body is overtaken and we cannot stop it. Resigned to treatments such as chemo or radiation (along with some Western medicine practices) we have to accept whatever side effects come with it in order to defeat this enemy.

But not necessarily with our hair. 87% of women diagnosed with “C” feel that that worst part of treatment is the loss of hair. And 8-10% of women diagnosed refuse chemo treatment because they want to maintain their locks. Wow! Incredible stats!

It’s a vicious battle that ensues in our head.

Will I lose my hair? 

When will I lose it?

Should I cut it now or later?

Wigs, bandanas or hats?

How much will this cost?

Will insurance cover the wig?

Are there other options?

Can I save my dignity?

The struggle not only affects you, but also loved ones, co-workers and friends. Sure, people look at me differently when I am without a hair piece. Do I care? No. But might other women? Yes.

Enter Hair Science Systems, Bill and Ray. Approached by these gentlemen the day after my first treatment in July to try out a local hair saver device for chemo patients, I gladly said “of course!” At that point it was too late for me but with sandwiching radiation in between treatments I now have 2cm of hair. Thus, we decided to test the device to see how much we can save during these last few treatments.

There are a few other options on the market that provide similar results, but they are more challenging to use and costly. I cannot lie – it was not the most comfortable scenario today. My treatments are 5+ hours whereas most are 2 if that. So a cold head (not quite an ice cream cone headache feeling) for that length of time while on an emotional roller coaster is not what I call a day of “fun”!


If I can help other women preserve their hair, then three treatments feeling like a popsicle will be well worth it.

And if I can help women save their dignity, then the peace of mind that it will bring will provide the much needed strength along their journey.