Day 114 // Serendipity


Often we are looking for something and find something else – realizing that what we have found is more suited to our needs than what we thought we were looking for. Call it fate, call it chance. But honestly, my friends, that is serendipity.

God has mysterious, yet funny, methods of showing us our paths by working in three ways. He says “Yes” and gives you what you want. He also says “No” and gives you something better. Or, he says “Wait” and gives you the best!

Having faith for whatever the plan may be is one of the most difficult things to do. Regardless of your beliefs, know that life always works out the way it is supposed to – even when we don’t understand. We just need to exercise patience because finding something beautiful without looking for it is a gift.

A reluctant blind date led to finding the love of my life. We’ve been challenged every step of the way with our marriage but continue to come out stronger with each mountain we conquer.

I am beyond blessed to have David as my partner in life – kind, thoughtful, respectful, loving and genuine. The most honest person I have ever known. Finding him was truly serendipity.