Day 108 // This Chameleon – Beth, Gianna, Sabrina, Rhoda, GI Jane – Is Hibernating (temporarily!)


On July 15th of this past year, I came face-to-face with my chemo battle. Opting to journal my treatment for 106 days – the time between the first and last chemo treatment – it has become my therapy. Of course the plan to complete the six treatments consecutively changed midstream and radiation therapy was sandwiched in between.

Like most things in life, we all need a break. And with having completed radiation and ironically given the “green light” from my oncologist today (Day 106) to begin chemo again next Wednesday, the chameleon I have become has decided to rest. Enjoying both physical and psychological peace over the next four days will refuel my strength and ignite the fire to complete these last three rounds with more passion and vigor than the first ones.

I thought it only fitting to share my first post again from what feels like a distant memory. We do have simple choices in life yet we make them so complicated. And thanks to these 106 days of journaling, my choice to rest could not be any easier.

Hugs, love and strength to all that have supported me along the way:)

Beth, Gianna, Sabrina, Rhoda and GI Jane

Day 1 – 

Chemo Dreamo Day came with much anticipation and anxiousness to navigate through my first treatment. My daughter and I both wore Wonder Woman t-shirts as our unified armor (and pinkie promised) to fight this together. We will continue to wear those shirts every 21 days reminding ourselves and others that staying strong is the only option. My heart kindly reminded me of a favorite quote from The Shawshank Redemption in which Andy tells Red – “I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying”. Simplicity at its finest. And yet most of us chose the later. But not me!