Day 116 // The Gift


I was given a gift, wrapped shabbily – non-returnable, non-refundable!

Reluctantly…I accepted it.

In it, I have found a courage I never knew existed – a patience far beyond anything ever experienced.

I’ve been given the ability to trust a stranger with what is most dear to me. And the capacity to endure the unknown.

I’ve been given unconditional love of family and friends – always there, never stopping, never faltering.

I’ve been given many prayers from far and wide – the warmth of knowing people truly care.

I’ve given a fond farewell to my modesty and vanity – the acceptance and love of an imperfect body.

I’ve been given back a strong shoulder to lean on as that shoulder had once grown distant. And with it laughter and good times – more special than ever before.

I’ve been given many new friends – wonderful, courageous women I am so very proud to know.

I’ve been given radiant sunshine, glistening green grass, beautiful blue skies and sparkling city lights – glowing in their glorious colors.

I’ve been given things to see that once before were ignored – my eyes no longer blinded.

I’ve been given the chance to wake up instead of sleepwalking through life.

I’ve been given every glorious day to enjoy, each hour to savor, every minute to rejoice.

I’ve been given the gift of life…I was given cancer.