Day 115 // And They Gave Me Strength


Eight weeks ago, little did 19 ladies know what they were about to do for me.

Embarking on a journey called (appropriately enough) ME vs ME to improve strength and confidence both physically and psychologically, these women challenged their inner warrior for eight weeks without complaint.

Women lifting other women up – isn’t that what life should be about? With each session the love and encouragement towards one another could not be more abundant. Pushing one another to go further, reach beyond limits, smiling while doing so, dedication beyond comprehension.

I love these ladies (MEs for short) for their superhero-like qualities. But more importantly I adore them for the hope and strength they provided me at a time desperately needed in order to continue the fight for my health.

Four days a week I awoke at 3:45 AM and Saturdays at 4:45 AM to greet some of them at 5:15 AM and others at 7:15 AM. Yes, it was early…but it was so worth it!

When the program began, my radiation treatment commenced as well. I enlisted the help of a motivational soul, Keri, in the event I could not go the distance. My body was growing weary each week from the radiation. But my heart for these women was increasing twice as much with their delight in the power of strength training – my passion tank was fueled with every session.

And today, ten days post radiation and two days post chemotherapy, I could not have been more high on life with the energy radiating from the MEs. Undoubtedly they challenged themselves. Most certainly they challenged me.

It has been said to surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. And that’s exactly what I did.

Thank you MEs for your love and support!

Tracy, Leanna, Monica, V Mcb Bell, Paige, Laura, Lisa, Meredith, Jacklyn, Jessica, Emily, Julie, Kelly, Kelsey, Jenn, Ann, Abby, Tomi and Keri:)