Day 129 // What Lifting Weights Has Taught Me About Being A Woman



Lifting weights as a woman gets a bad rep. Many shy away from it because they worry that if they lift they will look too “manly” so instead they focus on cardio. While women fight to become skinnier, many don’t push to become stronger. The number on the scale is still seen as the ultimate goal. It’s unfortunate for a lot of reasons, one being that lifting can have amazing physical and mental benefits.

When interviewing 16 ladies, Buzzfeed found how lifting has changed their outlook on life and their connections with themselves.

Here are their top reasons along with a bit of input from me. Never be intimidated by the power of iron!

  1. “It has taught me to not be so hard on myself.”
  2. “I’ve developed a deeper respect for how powerful, awe-inspiring, and enduring my female body truly is.”
  3. “I lift for myself and every day it shows me that I am in full control of changing my body.”
  4. “Treating exercise as a means to be more, as opposed to viewing it as a never-ending struggle to be less, is absolutely a game changer.”
  5. “How you want to move and train your body shouldn’t be determined based on your gender.”
  6. “On days when I’m unsure of myself, I remember how much stronger I am than my emotions.”
  7. “Every time I hit the gym I feel like I am shattering the perception of the limitations of women, and contributing to eliminating barriers.”
  8. “Lifting has brought to my attention that a body that can do so much is one worth loving, not worth lamenting.”
  9. “If I am feeling anxious in social situations I usually visualize myself performing my favorite lift and how confident I feel completing that lift.”
  10. “No second-guessing. No self-doubt.”
  11. “Lifting weights is my therapy.”
  12. “I used to spend way too much time focused on what I couldn’t do or the imperfections I posses, but now I focus on what I can do.”
  13. “Lifting taught me how to focus on my goals, visualize them, and then absolutely crush them.”
  14. “It has taught me that I am a smart woman. I am a strong woman. I am a beautiful woman.”
  15. For me, it has been a life changer. The power I now possess – mentally and physically – has provided the edge to battle anything that life puts in front of me. And every day I know I will win!

What could it do for you?