Day 142 // The Little Things in Life Are the Big Things!


It’s the little things that drive us crazy…but it’s the little things that can make our day.

The small, and often unexpected, pleasures in life can make us smile helping build happier and more meaningful lives for ourselves and others. As humans we are genetically optimistic yet our “glass half empty” attitude tends to control our outlook more often than we’d like.

But it’s those little surprises, not the major events such as getting married, moving into a new home, receiving a promotion or even the holidays, that provide us with the greatest return.

“Less is more” – “Good things come in small packages” – “Sometimes the little things occupy the biggest part of our heart.” – “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

Yes, we’ve heard many of these phrases before. And today I was reminded that the simple sensation of feeling my feet once again after three days was a small victory – enough to put a smile on my face the entire day with a mission to accomplish whatever would be placed before me.

And what makes you happy? Maybe one of these 25 items will resonate with you.

1. Finding money in your pocket that you didn’t know you had.

2. Being asked by someone who cares how you are doing.

3. Climbing into bed when you have fresh sheets.

4. Taking an extra-long bath or shower when you have some free time.

5. Smiling at a child you see in public – and the child smiles back.

6. Receiving a 10 minute massage from your partner or friend.

7. Waking up and realizing it is a sunny, beautiful day.

9. Watching the rain fall when you have nowhere to be, and you can curl up on the sofa (with Netflix).

10. Watching children playing and laughing together, reminding you of the joy in the world.

11. Spending some time with your pets – or animals in general!

12. A smell you love, from baked bread to a freshly mowed lawn.

13. A meaningful, long hug from somebody you care about.

14. Watching the sunset or the sunrise.

15. Receiving an unexpected email or a letter from a friend.

16. The chance to be creative, from painting an old set of drawers to doodling a picture to coloring. 

17. Playing a game you used to love when you were younger.

18. An extra half an hour to snooze in bed.

19. Receiving flowers from someone who cares about you just because.

20. Eating your lunch outside in the sun.

21. Listening to a song you used to love and haven’t heard in years.

22. Taking the time to help someone with their problems.

23. Spending time in your home when it is tidy and clean.

24. Achieving a small victory, like fixing the washing machine or replacing a light bulb.

25. Having a discussion with your daughter about her day. Reminiscing about the good ole’ days!