Day 173 // The Real Super Heroes


These are the real super heroes – flying nowhere, saving no one, but instead inspiring us all. Their courage and conviction as they battled a hideous disease never wavered. They showed us how to fight, how to live, how to love.

“C” is ugly. “C” is life-changing. “C” hurts everyone so differently – those that have it and those that watch. It takes people that don’t deserve it and steals so much more than life.

With super heroes like Devin, Tracy and Emily, we witnessed suffering, watched their war cheering each battle and prayed for victory over death. And through tender moments of conversation, their spirits always talked to our hearts making us realize something much greater. That if cancer were to take them, it wouldn’t mean that they lost the fight and that “C” had won. “C” didn’t conquer their love, compassion, humor, wisdom or faith. It didn’t steal their smile, laughter or curiosity. “C” may have overcome their body but it did not win because it never overcame their spirit.

Devin – The epitome of integrity, honesty, positivity and dignity. My brother-in-law succumbed to leukemia in 2000 after a valiant fight. Upon my diagnosis, I turned to him in heaven for guidance on my journey. Devin has been in my heart every step of the way – he was and always will be my super hero.

Like A Comet

Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky 

Gone Too Soon

Tracy – She could put a smile on anyone’s face as she did mine for 4 years in college. Tracy’s battle with breast cancer came to an end in 2012. Loved by many, her inner super hero touched hearts like no other. Only reconnecting shortly before she passed, I regret never letting her know how much she impacted me.

Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight

Here one day

Gone one night

Emily – Although I only knew her through a friend and Facebook, many lives were touched by Emily’s fight. Her inner superhero was determined to make sure her 3 beautiful children would always know how much she loved them. Taken by angels only yesterday, Emily’s heroic story will continue to influence many for years.

Like a perfect flower

That is just beyond your reach

Gone too soon

And like a sunset

Dying with the rising of the moon

Gone too soon