Day 3 // Workouts & Wigs

5:00 AM could not come soon enough as I was jumping out of my skin at the thought of working out. What has only been 3.5 weeks has felt like eons. My goal this past year was to participate in a physique competition. Dubbed early on as Wonder Woman by my trainer after increasing weight with a chest press, I began to sense my inner strength through pull-ups. One of the more challenging exercises for anyone, I had a personal best of 50 before my diagnosis. How could a pull-up be so powerful? It wasn’t so much about the exercise but rather conquering something you never thought possible. And coupled with that – never giving up on reaching that goal.

The workout was incredible! I felt something I had not felt in several weeks – a sense of normalcy. My new baseline for normalcy is very different and will continue to change. But adjusting as you go and recognizing that some of the best laid plans have to be modified will allow for greater success and a more positive outcome. Flexibility will be in my vocabulary a bit more often.

Continuing on an incredible high, my sister Annette and birthday-girl blonde bestie Calena accompanied me to the wig shop. A dear friend of mine, Verona, had suggested this lovely boutique called Jags in Fairfield that catered to cancer/chemo patients. I cannot lie when I say that a glass of champagne really would have been nice. But the ladies there were absolutely delightful putting me at ease every step of the way. After honing in on about four styles, it did not take long for us to rule out a few. Yes, I tried the blond wig on – for style purposes only. But it did make me think twice as my hubby might have appreciated a change of pace. But in the end, I stayed true to my dark roots and cannot wait to rock the wig when the time comes. As much as I am hopeful to retain my own hair for as long as possible, after much discussion with the professionals at Jags, the loss is inevitable. What an experience today – one that left me more positive walking out the door than I was yesterday!

My two parting thoughts for the day…

I only wish my younger sister Jeanne (who was diagnosed with the same cancer a year and half ago and went through the same treatment path) would have been with us. She has provided so much insight and love as I have navigated the process. Family means everything and spending time with them as much as possible is something you won’t regret.

And my other thought – God granted me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. He has given me the courage to change the things I can. And ultimately, I am grateful he has provided the wisdom to know the difference.