Day 31 // Treasure Hunt


“The things you take for granted someone else is hoping and praying for.”

You woke up…someone did not.
You have an opportunity to go to school or work…someone is not so lucky.
You are able to buy clothes, gas and food…someone cannot afford too.
You worked out today…someone can only dream of walking.

Often we are so content with how we are living in our world that we begin to take life for granted. There are times for everything. And the time to be grateful, hold dear those who love us and thank the circumstances we are abundantly blessed with should be on an everyday basis.

But some choose to only focus on what is going wrong in their world instead of focusing on their blessings and the opportunity to achieve if they use what has been given to them. Life is not a treasure hunt.

Remember…your dreams are still ahead of you. Never take being able to have a dream for granted because not everyone is able to do so. Never take any of the privileges afforded you in this life for granted. Cherish life so much that you take advantage of the opportunities that you think may be meant for you.

Given an opportunity for a weekend getaway, we certainly did not hesitate to accept the gracious offer. I am blessed for the time with my family and long overdue rest. Adorned in a new perspective, each moment of my life is treasured.