Day 30 // The P’s


Peaceful is how I would describe the day. Whew! I needed that perilously. After a week of pain and peripheral neuropathy, my body was in need of polyphony.

Funny! Words with the letter “P” continue to live in my space. Some providing positivity (another P word) and others pillaging and precipitating pessimism (there it is again!).

But the two P’s I am pleased to pitch out of my life for a period of time are the pain and peripheral neuropathy brought upon by the potent platin (chemo drug). Do you see a pattern here?

This is not a sad parting by any means. Imagine plodding through your day or pressing the pedal to the metal as you drive and you cannot feel your toes! Sound pleasant? NOT! Or maybe you are lying in bed and 2:45 AM is peering at you because the pain in your bones feels as if a phantom is pummeling a jackhammer into your pelvis and patella. Palliation could not emerge soon enough.

But this is not permanent, or so they say. Par for the course? Pshaw! – it had better not be. For the only P’s bringing me solace are peanut butter, protein, push-ups and pull-ups!

And with a day that has brought such peace, those passions await this pixie as I pledge to punt cancer to the Pacific.