Day 32 // Lake Waynoka


As I sat on the dock this morning, my appreciative eyes watched the glorious sun rise, glistening over the lake as reflections rippled across it. Breathing in the aromatic summer air, chattering frogs and ducks sang celebrating the new day. Watching the soft fluffy white clouds playing peekaboo, a sense of peace overtook my spirits seemingly soaring from within just like the hawk circling, floating above. The wind softly whispered through the trees – “exhale Beth” – and my body did just that. Finally I understood the mystique of Lake Waynoka.

The lake house had been respite for my brother-in-law’s family when his first wife was diagnosed with cancer. Until today, I could not fully empathize nor grasp the power it held. Having been here numerous times before, nothing had changed but everything was different.

Never before had I taken the time to notice the unbridled flow of the lake’s gentle ripples, slowly weaving back and forth against the steadfast shore line. Only now did I see how mysterious the darkness of its depths could seem as the shadows of the leaves playfully dance upon the lake’s blue skin.

It’s as though time had stood still just so that this moment of beauty could last forever. I felt the crisp breeze placing me under a trance, forcing me to watch the power it had over the lake.

Oh, but if only I could join the waters and become one with it’s fluid motion.

Oh, if the lake had a voice and asked me to join it on its journey. I would not hesitate.

Gladly, I would leap in with my eyes closed and cherish the feeling of its essence. Hungrily it would engulf my soul cleansing the cancer from my body. Floating aimlessly in its unbridled wake, serenity would be my protector.

Oh, the power of the lake. Its enchantment providing a “time in a bottle” experience.

If only I could hold on to it.