Day 162 // Chemo’s Angels


Sure, we’ve all heard of Charlie’s Angels – the captivating crime-fighting trio who were masters of disguise, espionage and martial arts with a boss they had never seen.

Well I had my own ‘Angels’ and together we were on a mission against Chemo.

My angels fought – cancer instead of crime. 

My angels were the masters of disguise – not with appearances but rather drugs. 

My angels spied – not on secret missions but with blood tests. 

My angels knew self defense – not with a karate kick but with immunity boosting methods. 

My angels saw their boss – ME – front and center in Chair 6, always present, never hiding.

And because of that, my angels were and always will be more captivating than any ‘Angel’ Charlie ever had working for him.

My name is Beth and these are my ‘Angels’.