Day 2 (of the rest of my life)-A GREEN LIGHT LIFE


Day 2 (of the rest of my life) – A Green Light Life

There’s too many red lights in this world…maybe that’s the problem. Every road travelled, just when you are about to arrive at your destination – BAM! – another red light.

Yeah, sure, each route has them. Traffic lights – the obstacles of life. We learned early that red means stop, yellow is sloooow down and green shouts GO! Apply that to life and it’s no wonder we sometimes feel as if we will never reach our dreams. Those glaring red lights always “stopping” us from moving forward.

Think about it…when you need to get somewhere (and rather quickly I might add), traffic is usually at its worst and every light you encounter is red. Testing patience, hands thrown in the air, choice words spewing. How eerily similar is this to life? When you want something enough (a promotion, relationship, change), our anxious spirits operate in a similar fashion – red lights, and the occasional yellow ones, flashing like barriers in our way.

And where are those green lights? The beacons allowing us to move past our walls, making headway on the highway towards our hopes, dreams and adventures. Again, when you don’t need to be anywhere, green candles light your roadway.

Faith over fear sprinkled with a bit of patience? Ummm…yes! Our path illuminated with a continual “GO” when we allow life to breathe its beauty.

Let the cars, buses and motorcycles honk at the red lights. As for me and you? Well, let’s start living a green light life!