Day 1 (of the rest of my life) – In the Eyes of My Child

She only sees the good in others.
She only sees them as honest.

To her, I am “amazing”. 
To her, we are “the best at working hard”.

In Gia’s eyes, life is simple.
In Gia’s eyes, life is about having fun.

Having spent a few days at an amusement park, my husband and I left not only “amused” but with a new lens to which we see life through – our daughter’s. She, like most 12-year olds, embodies what life truly is about yet somewhere along the way we allow our lens to become cloudy.

After a bit of coaxing, she managed to get me on a coaster that travels at a speed of 120mph and over 400 feet in the air. Oh, and did I mention this occurs in 17 seconds? YIKES!

But guess what this fraidy cat learned in those few seconds???

Life is not about how much you weigh, nor how you look or how much weight you lift. It’s not about ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ or ‘snaps’. Life is certainly not about what car your drive or how big your house is or what you do. And it’s not about a gold medal or a national championship.

It’s not complicated…really…it isn’t. Life is about having fun. And if in the process, you ‘like’ and ‘snap’ and lift and drive a nice car and have a house on the beach and win a gold medal, then awesome!

But if you’re not having fun – laughing, smiling, frolicking – then what’s the point?

Thank you Gia for new lens!