Day 3 (of the rest of my life) – In the Moment…Living Life


We’ve all had times like this – Our child comes up to us, asks a question and out of parental guilt and/or irritation we say “yes” not having a clue what we just agreed to. Or they shout us “watch me!” as we stare at impending business on our phone and completely miss their best back flip.

You get the point, right? Our minds are not focused on the important stuff – like our families, friends and loved ones.

Why is it so difficult to feel present in the moment? Blame it on the evolution of our brain’s ability to multitask — that and the fact that the pace of our society leaves us no choice but to do a constant mental juggle.

But being present is being FREE!

In the morning, when you brush your daughter’s hair, you’re not paying attention to the scent of her pomegranite shampoo or listening to her chatter about yesterday’s gossip at school. You’re planning the day’s agenda or rehashing a business decision and its backlash or comtemplating why people post what they post on Facebook. This toggling leaves me racking my brain somedays attempting to remember if I showered or used the bathroom!

But last night I would not allow that. Winding down from a lengthy day which included blood work for my CA tumor marker, I was anxiously awaiting the results as I watched Gia tumble across the gymnastics floor. She asked me to film her performing a round-off into a back handspring. Staring at my phone, I was sidetracked by not only an email that would eventually come but also a business decision that knowinly would have its reprecussions.

My head snapped and so did my heart. “Make the desicion and move forward. You can only control so much. Now watch your daughter!!” a voice scolded me.

And there she went…

Running down the tumble track path…round-off…then “OH!” Too much air for a handspring. Gia just did a back tuck!! What?!?!

And I was present in the moment to see it…

My heart leaped as high as she did with excitement. That was a first and we both were able to celebrate it. “Thank you!” I whispered to the voice that tugged my heart to watch her.

Life became AMPLIFIED at that moment. Time slowed, if only for those few minutes…nothing else mattered…nothing could be more important. Life was being lived.

The remainder of the evening was viewed with fresh eyes. Grateful for a low tumor marker, we (David, Gia and I) shed tears as we bear-hugged for several minutes upon receipt of the news.

Oh! And what seemed signficant earlier with that business decision was now looked at as minute. For had I let it control me, I would have missed making memories.