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Living A Fit Life


This may be the shortest piece I’ve ever written. Because I believe living what I term a “Fit Life” is simple. The secret is nothing fancy…it’s nothing sexy…it’s nothing silly.


After 35 years of NOT having lived a Fit Life, my 360-approach is the opposite of what I used to do.


Living A Fit Life


My Body – It’s a temple, my vehicle that allows me to write, workout, cook, play golf, read, hug, laugh, cry…you get it. So I take care of it with TLC – no extremes. Exercise is limited to four days, fueled by fruits, veggies and lean proteins. But I also enjoy pizza, pasta and peanut butter (of course!). So living a Fit Life physically means moderation simple as that.


My Mind – Living a Fit Life mentally means I fill my cup with positive affirmations to quiet the frienemy (yes, I coined that). The frienemy pretends to be my friend telling me “I’m no good” or “worthless”. And somedays I believe it! Until I show the my frienemy who is really in charge with my positive vibes and reminders that I am strong, smart, beautiful and confident. Own your voice and you will lead a Fit Life.


My Heart – When my heart is filled with gratitude, I have come full circle in living a Fit Life. A grateful heart is one that possesses love for everyone and everything around, and one that accepts what has been given. For when I am filled with gratitude, there is no need to desire more.


Well there it is – KISS – keep it simple stupid! Never said it was complicated, right?


And if anything or anyone attempts to make it more complex, then that, my friend, is not living a Fit Life!